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Transport Equipment

Settlers Pond Shelter is pleased to announce our Emergency Response Unit, offering both emergency and non-emergency transportation for your pets. We offer emergency service to your local animal hospital at affordable prices.

The transport vehicle, a modified ambulance, is fully equipped for veterinary care. This new service ensures that critically ill or injured pets can now receive necessary medical treatment and monitoring during transport.

Transport Equipment

Our transport is equipped with stretchers, heated beds and oxygen for your peace of mind. We are equipped for IV and monitoring remain constant during transport, when needed. We offer seating for up to two passengers, so you may travel with your pet. Patients are continuously monitored and treated by an accompanying certified veterinary technician. Interior modifications enable us to secure pet carriers for safety.

Settlers Pond Emergency Transport

Transport Interior


Pigs in Transport

We also offer non-emergency transports between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. weekdays. Regular transports must be scheduled 48 hours in advance, We offer curbside pick-up of any leashed or caged pet. We are also available for transporting healthy animals locally or across state lines, including airport transport. The transport is equipped with a trailer for larger animals.

Fee for transport services are based on the distance travelled and emergency or non-emergency response.

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